PTC Creo

Creo is a family of CAD software products dedicated to mechanical design.

The Creo denomination brings together a series of independent software dedicated to various phases and needs of the product development process, from design to communication.

How to get the software

Licenses, recipients, request and download methods

  • The software can be installed:
    • on personal PCs (standalone license)
    • on a PC on the University network, personal or owned by the Politecnico (network license)

Request and download

  1. Request the license code using the online request form
  2. download the software

Log in with your personal code, preceded by POLIMI\, and relative password. Ex. POLIMI\12345678

  • Annual license
  • The software can be installed on personal PCs


  1. Access to
  2. Follow the instructions

In the absence of specific indications, PhD students can use:

  • software intended for students on personal PC
  • software for teaching staff on departmental PC

This software is not available for technical and administrative staff.

Educational licenses

The licenses are “educational” editions, the use of the application packages is strictly limited to the University’s institutional activities, thus excluding any use for personal, professional purposes and for profit.