Oracle Academy

Oracle Academy Program membership benefits include:

  1. Free Complete hosted modularized academic curriculum in database design, SQL, PL/SQL, and object-oriented programming and Java programming.
  2. Free educator professional development offered in a variety of formats.
  3. Free Access to Oracle's industry-leading software for use in teaching and academic, not-for-profit course and degree-related research
  4. Free Access to hosted Oracle Academy Workspaces for Database
  5. Online, hands-on lectures and Ask the Oracle Experts webcasts and podcasts delivered by Oracle experts in key technology areas, including Big Data, Cloud computing, cybersecurity, business intelligence and more.
  6. Access to Oracle University training for your faculty and technical staff members
  7. Access to professional certification resources for your faculty, technical staff and students.
  8. Complete online, self-study courses in Alice and Greenfoot, educationally-oriented Java development environments
  9. Access to Oracle Academy Workshops in a Box for Alice and Greenfoot,
  10. Free teacher training workshops in Alice and Greenfoot (educators only)
  11. Access to Oracle's industry leading software for your personal, non-production use via the Oracle Technology Network
  12. Access to member-exclusive Oracle Academy virtual events

How to access

Register on Oracle Acedemy following the instructions.

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