Office365 ProPlus

Office365 ProPlus contain: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Skype for business, OneDrive For Business.

Users can install Office365 ProPlus on:

  • 5 computer (PC or Mac)
  • 5 tablet (Windows, iPad e Android)
  • 5 phone (Windows, iPhone e Android)

Office365 ProPlus can not be install on ASICT centrally managed workstations, please see this page for other version available:

How to obtain the software

  1. Log on Webmail 
  2. Click the gear icon  at the top right
  3. Select Office365
  4. Select Software
  5. Select the desired language and click on Install

Activation instructions


  • User ID: (e.g.
  • password: the password used to access the online services

NOTE: Error 0xd0000022. After inserting your credentials, the activation process generates the following error message: "There was a problem while trying to access your account (error code: 0xd0000022)". In the Language & Region tab of the system preferences, ensure the region is set to Italy and the system time is correct.

Installation management and verification

  1. Log on Webmail 
  2. Click the gear icon  at the top right
  3. Select Office365
  4. Select Manage installations
  5. The page lists all the installation

Subscription verification: users must connect to the Internet at least once every 30 days to check the Office 365 subscription status. If a user does not connect for more than 30 days, Office ProPlus 365 switches to reduced functionality mode until you connect.

Activation and deactivation policies


A = Auto, notified via email to the institutional address

RR: Activation of the service following a request from the interested party made to the head of the structure* (Department in the case of professors) or delegate. Any charges arising from the provision of the service are to be borne by the structure authorising the service.
The Head of the structure, or delegate, can request the service via online form


Disabling is done after 90 days from the end of career and will be notified via email to the institutional address.

The transition from Laurea to Laurea magistrale does not entail the deactivation.

Teaching staff and technical / administrative staff can obtain the extension of the service. The Head of the structure *, or delegate, must send the request using the online form.


* Head of structure:

  • Administration: Area Manager and Head of service
  • Department: Head of department and Administrative Manager
  • Territorial Campuses: Vice rector and and Administrative Manager

Activations scheme


Activation mode



Technical and Administrative Staff (open-ended contract/fixed term contract)


Area manager (open-ended contract/fixed term contract)


Full and Associates Professors (not researchers)


External Professors (contract, substitute external,external for free)


Researchers(open-ended contract/fixed term contract)


Research grants holder


Staff in “somministrazione di lavoro a tempo determinato”




Students enrolles at Laurea Ciclo Unico, Primo livello, Specialistica, Magistrale, Vecchio ordinamento, Diploma universitario


Incoming students from international exchange projects


Incoming students from exchange projects with Italian universities


Students on PhD Programmes


Visting PhD student


Students on University Masters Courses


Students on specialisation courses


Students in Specialisation Schools


Students on singol courses


Studenti Tirocinio Formativo Attivo


Studenti ASP


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