MATLAB Academy

Once registered on MATLAB Academy portal will be granted access the following courses:

  • MATLAB Fundamentals (English)
  • MATLAB for Financial Applications (English)
  • MATLAB Programming Techniques (English)
  • MATLAB for Data Processing and Visualization (English)
  • Machine Learning with MATLAB (English)

How to access:

  1. Connect to: 
  2. Register using the institutional email address (eg.
  3. A verify email will be send, please follow the link provided to complete the registration and access the offer.


Matlab is a high-level language and an interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization and programming. Using MATLAB you can: analyze data, develop algorithms and create models and applications.


Campus annual license (Total Academic Headcount Licenses - Student Option) includes:

  • installation of Matlab basic package and all optional modules * subscribed on owned PC (home PC or notebook). Max 4 installations.
  • distribution of updates

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac.

How to get the software: In order to download and activate a personal copy of MATLAB you should create a Mathworks account



How update the license

  1. In MATLAB select Help –> Licensing -> Update current licenses…
  2. If requested, please add the Activation Key again.
  3. MATLAB will connect to the license server and update your license.

How reactivate an expired license

If the installation has already expired, you will be prompted to activate when attempting to launch MATLAB.

  1. Open MATLAB (If the license has already expired the activation client will launch and you can skip the next step)
  2. Navigate to Help Menu > Licensing > Activate Software
  3. Choose to Activate using Internet (if there are no firewalls blocking it)
  4. Once reactivated you will need to restart MATLAB for it to update

Software Service Contacts

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