PTC software (Creo, Windchill..)

Creo (Expro / ENGINEER) is a three-dimensional parametric CAD modeler. Use an approach based on feature-oriented system and is a mechanic.

Creo runs under Windows and various UNIX dialects.

License: for personal PC and PC owned by Politecnico, on University network

Operating System: Windows

System requirements: see vendor's site

Version: last one, previous versions can be requested.

License code:

  • Personal Pc:  send the Mac address (CPU ID) and the main data (name and email) to the Software service
  • PC owned by Politecnico: request Software service, by form on line

Attention:  to login put POLIMI\ before your Person code (Codice persona). Eg. POLIMI\12345678

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Software Service Contacts

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