AWS (Amazon Web Services) Educate

The free Amazon Web Services program, AWS Educate, was launched, designed to allow you to gain direct experience of AWS cloud services. The AWS free plan allows you to use a range of services for 12 months from the date of registration.

Teachers will have: 

  1. AWS Credits (annually renewable):
  • $200 in AWS credits per educator at member institutions
  • $75 in AWS credits per educator at non-member institutions

     2.  AWS Training:

  • Access to AWS Technical Essentials Training Course (a $600 value)
  • Free access to labs

     3.  Curated Content:

  • Ability to select personalized learning pathway with 30+ hours of content per path
  • Earn digital badges that showcase cloud skills
  • Free access to AWS content for homework, labs, or self-study

   4.  Collaboration Tools

  • Student Portal access
  • Student portfolio to store projects in one place
  • Access to Job Board and job postings

How to access resources:

  • Register on the AWS Educate portal by following the instruction 
  • or create an account AWS Educate Starter (credit card is not necessary)              

Documents and resources

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